My name is Jason Felkey and I grew up in a small town, located in Southeast Michigan. My passion for motocross began when I was introduced to the sport around six years old. Since then, motocross has been an important part in my life leading to my dream job, landing a career in the motocross industry.

  I persevered my way into graphic design, starting when I was thirteen years old. I spent late nights drawing designs with paper and a pencil creating helmet designs, Motocross gear, t-shirts, and logos. It was clear this may not be a hobby any more and I had a true passion for graphic design, I self taught myself a few programs including Adobe Illustrator.

  In 2015, I was blessed enough to travel to each Pro-Motocross outdoor national with a privateer Pro-Motocross team. While traveling the series, I met the owner of MotoOption Clothing who gave me the opportunity to do some designing for the company which has led to experience in designing content for Mx vs. Atv Gaming. In late 2015, I landed a full time design job at Bentley Graphics Motocross Graphic company located a few hours from home. Not only did taking the job force me to move away from home, it also required me to become independent, and a self advocate as a young adult. This experience entirely made me a more creative designer, as well as more familiar with the industry. Nearing the end of 2017, I was offered a full time Design job at DeCal Works. Shortly after starting, I realized my design style did not suit the out dated style that DeCal Works offered to their customers. Just under 2 years later, I was offered the opportunity to work for Split Designs in Temecula, California. I am working for Split Designs now full time and feel like i'm right where I should be. 
 I am extremely thankful of what I have been able to accomplish and I strive to constantly improve on my skills. So please, take a look around my website and see some of my greatest accomplishments.

- Jason Felkey

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